Chemin de Compostelle - tous les chemins mènent à St Jacques.

Long Distance Hiking



Hiking for several days or weeks is a unique and memorable experience.

Hiking is generally linear, with the route established between two points A and B, and the distance and duration of the hike can vary greatly depending on the choice of route and the time available.

Setting out on a walking tour for a few days or longer is captivating for several reasons: diversity of landscapes and terrains over the course of the days, variety of discoveries along the way, but also the pleasure of experiencing the “challenge” – specific to each person and very personal – that this type of hike represents, because it is a question of getting from point A to point B, which are sometimes very far apart.

However, in popular imagery, a “multi-day” hike is often perceived as an activity reserved only for experienced hikers and certainly not within the reach of everyone. Nothing could be further from the truth!

If EURO-RANDO has chosen to encourage this type of hiking, the reason is very simple: it is in the long term that this activity is best expressed in terms of change of scenery, return to the roots and great satisfaction.


Le Camino Francès est inscrit sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO depuis 1993.With rare exceptions, this type of hiking is accessible to everyone with a minimum of physical health and knowledge of one’s limits.

When choosing to go on a “long distance” hike, it is important to determine why you are going -pilgrimage? tourism? sports challenge? What you are looking for and what you want to avoid are things to consider to make it a success.



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